Benefits of Cruising Association membership

Being part of the CA means you are entitled to a host of benefits and services, and all for less than a weekly glass of wine or paper! Keep reading to find out more… For any further information or enquiries please contact us.

The CA has created its first mobile App especially for Cruising Sailors. The App runs on the Apple and Android devices and is available for download, free to CA members. Find out more about our CAptain's mate app
One of the reasons to join the CA is to get access to real, unvarnished information on popular destinations. Our cruising pages are organised by popular cruising areas – and are managed by our Cruising Sections, who have in-depth knowledge of the areas.
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Crewing Services
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Each year members and sections organise rallies and cruises in company for other members to enjoy in various locations across the world. Some of these are organised by section secretaries, but anyone can organise them. In winter our UK sections organise seminars, lectures and social evenings in their local areas.
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