Covid-19 Implementation Programme: Galley


The bar, commonly known as the Galley, will re-open for outside table service on Monday 12th April. Inside table service will resume on Monday 17th May. Subject to government guidelines, this document sets out the measures undertaken by the Cruising Association to ensure the safety of its staff, members and visitors/patrons.

Pre-Opening Procedures

  • The Galley kitchen underwent a deep clean prior to re-opening on 12th April. All out of date stock was removed in line with waste management guidelines.
  • Galley staff undertook COVID-19 related training, including hygiene, food preparation, social distancing and what to do if they become sick. This training is refreshed regularly.
  • A Perspex screen remains in place on the bar for the safety of CA staff and patrons.
  • A one-way system with appropriate signage has been implemented.
  • Regular pest control checks have been undertaken by Rentokil and will continue going forward.
  • The kitchen’s extraction unit has recently been cleaned (contractor: Rentokil) to increase ventilation and adhere to the required hygiene standards.
  • Pre staff checks indicate that no member of staff falls within the vulnerable category and all are fit for work.
  • A thorough check of the building and kitchen has been undertaken and the Food Standards Agency pre-opening checklist has been completed.
  • The Galley reported its intentions to resume bar activities with the local authority as required.

Minimising the risk of COVID-19

  • All staff and guests must adhere to the social distancing rules implemented in CA House. Further details can be found on the Covid-19 Implementation Programme: CA House page.
  • The Galley will open for outside table service only from 12th April and inside from 17th May. During these times, all staff, tenants and visitors must wear non-medical facemasks in communal areas. For further guidance on the use of facemasks, please see Face coverings at work
  • Any visitors who attend CA House without suitable face coverings may ask for a disposable mask, available from the bar.
  • Guests and staff are asked to wash their hands for 20 seconds or use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry to the building. Members, staff and visitors are also asked to wash/sanitise their hands after coming into contact with any common touch points, such as door handles, bannisters etc.
  • Any guests or staff showing symptoms of COVID-19 must not enter the premises. If any guests or staff suspect that they have contracted COVID-19, this should be reported to a member of staff on 020 7537 2828 or A full list of symptoms is available on the WHO website.
  • In the event that any member of staff shows symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolation must be imposed, and a test taken immediately after consultation with a medical professional via 111. Positive tests will result in the building being closed for deep cleaning. Any other illnesses will require the member of staff to recover at home until they are fit to return to work.
  • A one-way system on the ground floor will be used during the Galley opening hours. All guests must enter the building through the designated patio door (closest to the bar) and leave via the patio door closest to the marina, or the main door. Any disabled patrons requiring wheelchair access are permitted to use the usual route of entry/egress.
  • Queuing at the bar is not permitted and all patrons must order via table service.
  • All visitors must sign in upon immediate entry to the building, or scan the QR code on display. This includes full name, email address and phone number. Details to be provided on the single use sign in forms provided (one per person). This is to aid with the NHS Test and Trace scheme. Details will be held securely for 21 days only and will be destroyed immediately thereafter. Visitors will only be contacted should a suspected or known case of COVID-19 impact them.
  • Patrons wishing to use the patio will be provided with disposable drinkware to limit the risk of spreading infection. A bin for disposal will be situated on the patio and will be emptied regularly in accordance with hygiene and waste management standards.
  • A patrol of the patio and Assembly Room will be conducted periodically to ensure social distancing measures are being adhered to.
  • All seating areas, including chair backs, armrests and tables will be cleaned after each patron has left.
  • More frequent cleaning of common touchpoints will commence every 60 minutes, subject to customer occupancy levels and a deep clean commencing at the end of each day. More commonly used items, such as trays, trolleys and card machines will be cleaned after each use.
  • Gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households, or a group of at most six people from any number of households. It is against the law to gather in groups of more than 30 people. Sufficient notices will be displayed to advise this.
  • The limit of guests permitted on the patio at any one time is 24. Posters advising maximum numbers will be erected. Guests are not permitted to stand and are advised that once the tables are full, we have reached full capacity and entry will be refused.
  • The limit of guests permitted in the Assembly Room/bar at any one time, once re-open, is 20. Posters advising maximum numbers will be erected. This will be reviewed periodically.
  • Music will be kept to a minimum to prevent patrons from resorting to close distance communication, resulting in an increased risk.
  • Paper food menus will be provided to visitors on request. After each use, menus will be disposed of.

Staff Procedures for Food/Drink Preparation

  • Due to shift patterns, there are no overlapping shifts, meaning that bar staff will arrive and leave together.
  • Staff are asked to ensure all uniform is washed at the end of every shift.
  • Staff are required to further increase the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning as detailed above. Any common touch points, such as tills, trays, trolleys etc, should be cleaned immediately after use.
  • All staff must wear gloves and masks when serving customers and/or preparing food/drinks. Staff are reminded that gloves are not an adequate replacement for handwashing.
  • When wearing a face covering, staff are advised to avoid touching their faces or face coverings, as this could contaminate them with germs from their hands. Staff are also asked to change their face coverings if they become damp or if they’ve touched them, and at the start of each shift. If the material is washable, wash in line with manufacturer’s instructions. If non-washable, masks should be disposed of in the usual waste.
  • It is not always possible to adhere to social distancing guidelines when preparing food in the small Galley kitchen. Due to this, staff are always required to wear gloves and masks and must keep the number of staff and the duration tasks to a minimum where possible.
  • Where possible, a designated member of staff preparing food will remain in the kitchen. Front of house staff will limit their time spent in the kitchen to food collection, and other vital tasks, only.
  • Cutlery and condiments will be provided with food when it is served and will be cleaned in accordance with food hygiene standards after each use.
  • Access to walk-in pantries, fridges and freezers, for example, will be reduced to only one person at a time.
  • Staff must wash their hands after handling customer items and before moving onto another task. For example, after collecting used plates for cleaning and before serving food to another table
  • Only one member of staff is permitted in the cold store at any one time. All surfaces touched should be sanitised after use.


All deliveries must be handled in line with social distancing measures. Staff must stand a minimum of 2m away from delivery drivers and must sanitise all items, and surfaces touched, immediately. Details on social distancing will be available throughout the building for any inbound deliveries.


All sales must be made using contactless payment where possible and the card machine will be cleaned after each use.


Table service will be in operation at all times and patrons are not permitted to order drinks from the bar.

Other Facilities

From 12th April to 17th May, CA House visitors are permitted to use the toilet facilities located on the ground and first floors but must wear a mask/face covering when doing so. Patrons are asked to adhere to the social distancing measures including a one-way door system in the Assembly Room. Sufficient signs have been erected to aid with social distancing measures and one-way systems. Toilets are cleaned, and rubbish disposed of, on a daily basis and patrons are asked to sanitise their touch points before and after use.

Patrons are permitted to use the lift in CA House but are asked to adhere to social distancing rules. Only one person, or one household is permitted at a time. We encourage the use of the stairs where possible.

Further Information

These procedures will be reviewed weekly to ensure they are effective to provide a COVID-19 secure operation for both guests and staff. Any improvements identified will be implemented and communicated promptly.

In the event of an emergency or any questions relating to a Galley visit, please contact either:

Ania Muchla, Catering Manager:

Lucy Gray, General Manager: