Covid-19 Implementation Programme: Meeting Space


This document sets out the measures undertaken by the Cruising Association to ensure the safety of its staff, members and visitors using meeting space at CA House.

Meeting Space Availability

CA House meeting space will be available from Monday 17th May 2021, subject to Government guidelines. The usual rooms are available, including the full or half Assembly Room, located on the ground floor and the Council Room, located on the first floor.

To book/reserve your required meeting space, please contact:

Jeremy Batch
+44(0)20 7537 2828

All booking requests must be discussed with a member of staff to enable us to better understand your requirements and the measures required to ensure both you, your guests and our staff are COVID secure.

Meeting Space Maximum Occupancy

Due to the required social distancing measures, CA House meeting space has been restricted to the following occupancy levels:

Room 2m distancing 1m distancing
Assembly Room – Full – Chairs only 18 23
Assembly Room – Full – Tables and chairs 24 24*
Assembly Room – Half – Chairs only 12 19
Assembly Room – Half – Tables and chairs 8 12
Council Room 9 13

*The Assembly Room is large enough to allow for either 1m or 2m distancing. Maximum numbers are restricted to 24 to allow CA staff to be present. If no staff are required for your event, please let us know and we will discuss your maximum occupancy.

All room layouts fall within the Government guidelines for the maximum number of participants as 30.

If catering is required, 2-meter social distance rules must apply as mitigating factors such as face masks are not achievable for those eating.

If you choose to opt for 1-meter social distancing, further mitigating factors must be implemented, including the use of face masks.

Minimising the risk of COVID-19

  • All staff and guests must adhere to the social distancing rules implemented in CA House. Further details can be found on the Covid-19 Implementation Programme: CA House page.
  • All staff, tenants and visitors must wear non-medical facemasks in communal areas. For further guidance on the use of facemasks, please see details on the UK Government website: Face coverings at work.
  • Any visitors who attend CA House without suitable face coverings may ask for a disposable mask, available from reception.
  • Guests and staff are asked to wash their hands for 20 seconds or use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry to the building. Members, staff, and visitors are also asked to wash/sanitise their hands after coming into contact with any common touch points, such as door handles, bannisters etc.
  • Any guests or staff showing symptoms of COVID-19 must not enter the premises. If any guests or staff suspect that they have contracted COVID-19, this should be reported to a member of staff on 020 7537 2828 or A full list of symptoms is available from the WHO website.
  • In the event that any member of staff or visitor shows symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolation must be imposed, and a test taken immediately after consultation with a medical professional via 111. Positive tests will result in the building being closed for deep cleaning. Any other illnesses will require the member of staff to recover at home until they are fit to return to work.
  • In line with Government guidelines, a one-way system will be established for your event, depending on numbers and the layout agreed. This will be discussed with you as part of your booking process and you will need to communicate this with your attendees. Any disabled patrons requiring wheelchair access are permitted to use the usual route of entry/egress.
  • All visitors must sign in upon immediate entry to the building. This includes full name, email address and phone number. Details to be provided on the single-use sign-in forms provided (one per person). This is to aid with the NHS Test and Trace scheme. Details will be held securely for 21 days only and will be destroyed immediately thereafter. Visitors will only be contacted should a suspected or known case of COVID-19 impact them.
  • Increased cleaning will be undertaken, ensuring that all common touchpoints including toilets, flushes, door handles, and locks are clean. A record of cleaning will be kept.
  • Indoor gatherings should only occur in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles) while outdoor gatherings should occur in groups of up to two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of households. It is against the law to gather in groups of more than 30 people. Sufficient notices will be displayed to advise this.
  • Any visitors wanting to use the patio must be aware that the limit of guests permitted at any one time is 24. Signage advising maximum numbers will be erected.
  • Music must be kept to a minimum to prevent visitors from resorting to close distance communication, resulting in an increased risk.


All payments for room hire must be paid via bank transfer or card. A member of staff will raise an invoice for you.


If you and your visitors are using the bar/restaurant (the ‘Galley’), patrons must queue at a distance of at least 2m; floor signs will mark the designated spaces to stand. A Perspex screen has been fitted to the bar for the safety of both staff and visitors.

Other Facilities

CA House visitors are permitted to use the toilet facilities located on the ground and first floors subject to a mask or suitable face covering being worn. Patrons are asked to adhere to the social distancing measures including a one-way door system in the Assembly Room. Sufficient signs have been erected to aid with social distancing measures and one-way systems. Toilets are cleaned, and rubbish disposed of, on a daily basis and patrons are asked to sanitise their touch points before and after use.

Members are permitted to use the lift in CA House but are asked to adhere to social distancing rules. Only one person, or one household is permitted at a time. We encourage the use of the stairs where possible.

Further Information

These procedures will be reviewed weekly to ensure they are effective to provide a COVID-19 secure operation for both guests and staff. Any improvements identified will be implemented and communicated promptly.

Jeremy Batch, Receptionist:

Lucy Gray, General Manager: