Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Croatia


Status Summary

Restricted. Entering Croatia with a booked yacht charter, no navigating restrictions within Croatia's territories.

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Local Information

23/05/20: No official word but tourists allegedly being allowed in by road.

22/05/20: Local marinas now reporting arrivals of small boats and welcoming them. Istria Covid-free. All slowly opening up but still unofficial.

18/05/20: The temporary ban on crossing the borders of the Republic of Croatia related to foreign citizens has been lifted for owners of real estate and vessels located in the Republic of Croatia and for the members of the owner's immediate family. Require documentation proving their ownership of a vessel, documentation proving that they are the users of a vessel (Charter Contract or Lease Agreement). Croatia has already reopened most of its restaurants, bars and other businesses. No navigating restrictions within Croatia's territories.

10/05/20: Internal travel opening up this week but only open-air hospitality.

27/03/20: Croatian immigration authorities announced that foreign travellers to Croatia who are unable to leave due to COVID-19 restrictions will not face sanctions for overstaying the conditions of their stay. Those who are unable to leave on time are advised to contact their nearest police station to register their continued stay and to prevent complications upon departure.


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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