Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Finland


Status Summary

Highly Restricted. Borders remain closed to non-resident foreign nationals.

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Local Information

19/05/20: Restaurants, cafes and bars will be gradually reopened from 1 June, subject to some restrictions. Maximum group size at 'private events' will increase to 50. Many guest harbours are also starting their season and they are even providing services to guests following the rules and regulations. [CA Baltic Section]

14/05/20: Restrictions on border traffic will be lifted in cross- border traffic across the Schengen internal borders by allowing employment or commission-related commuting and other essential traffic.

25/04/20: Restrictions (i.e. closure) of Uusimaa region (roughly Hanko to Loviisa) have been lifted. People now allowed to travel freely within Finland. Land and sea borders remain closed. Social distancing – people recommended to stay 2m apart and maximum number of people in a group is 10. [CA Baltic Section]

10/04/20: So far boating in Finland is not forbidden and people are allowed to move outside freely. However the Finnish Coast Guard has issued a statement where they ask everyone to stay at home and not plan any boating trips. Some clubs, private marinas and harbours are still open, but all planned events are cancelled. In many places boats have already been launched, because of the warm winter. It is possible that after a few weeks, there will be stricter guidelines regarding boating in Finland.


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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