Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: France


Status Summary

Restricted. Range limited travel now permitted within France (‘Green’ areas only). Certificate for Travel needed to travel to France. Borders closed until at least 15/06/20.

"Voluntary" quarantine following entry into France from the UK (and Spain) from 25th May.

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24/05/20: Introduction of 14-day quarantine period for travellers (including French nationals) into France from outside the EU and EEA from 25th May. This will apply to people entering France from the UK and Spain (which has imposed quarantine on entry from France). The quarantine period will be voluntary. French Interior Ministry said, "Travelers are called upon to show good citizenship and a sense of responsibility in order to implement this health precaution."

11/05/20: Travel (without certificate) up to 100km radius of residence; including sailing within 54NM of homeport. The number of passengers on board is limited to a maximum of 10. Restrictions on France's borders with European countries (European Union, SHENGEN area, United Kingdom) will be extended until at least June 15th. [Port Naploeon, Groupe Port Adhoc; Keith Martin, HLR Saint Cast and Le Légué ]

03/05/20: Decision that 14 day mandatory quarantine period will not apply to travellers from EU or UK, but no change to requirement for international travel certificate and entry to France only in exceptional circumstances.

02/05/20: Proposal for mandatory quarantine period of at least 14 days for visitors from abroad in addition to international travel certificate in period up to 24th July.

01/05/20: Map issued by French Health Authorities showing extent of virus activity by region. Indicates that most coastal regions are least affected and may be subject to earlier easing of restrictions.

20/04/20: All non-professional nautical activities in the Département Côtes d'Armor (Saint Cast and Le Légué) are forbidden, including, access by land to all marinas, quays, piers, esplanades, embankments, seafronts and other associated sites such as sea and river beaches, coastal paths, towpaths and launch slips in the Département. [ Keith Martin, HLR Saint Cast and Le Légué, France]

17/04/20: Main commercial inland waterways are open, but plaisance is forbidden on them until probably end May.


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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