Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Gibraltar


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Highly Restricted. Total lockdown internally.

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21/04/20: A yacht will be able to be provided with all of the essential requirements in order to continue its voyage without any difficulties, however, no individuals will be permitted to go ashore. Provisions will need to be arranged by the Master before the yacht arrives as well as arrangements for a suitable space at one of the re-fuelling berths. [Manuel Tirado. CEO/Captain of the Port].

20/04/20: Note that the protocol outlined in Port Circular 10 of 2020 does not apply to private yachts as they would normally register their pre-arrival information in ASYCUDA. Anchoring of private yachts in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters is not permitted and therefore we are unable to offer a safe anchorage to those yachts wanting refuge.

12/04/20: British Airways will continue flights to Gibraltar on a reduced schedule, however British travellers, who are not resident in Spain, should not fly to Gibraltar with a view to entering Spain via the land frontier.

Reviewed: 26/05/20

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