Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Isle of Man


Status Summary

  1. Can I and my crew get to my boat and back?
    No. Access for non-residents tightly restricted. From Monday 20th July Manx residents will be able to return to the Island after visiting the UK subject to being in possession of a Manx Entry Permit and completing a Landing Form within 48 hours of return and undertaking to self-isolate for 14 days. See below for more details.

    Current Travel Advice

  2. Restrictions sailing in-country and cross-border
    Local vessels are now allowed to cruise without restriction but must remain within 12 miles of the IoM coast. Normal good practice for passage logging and safety must be followed. See NTM 14. Leisure vessels from outside the Isle of Man are banned from entry. Vessels seeking refuge should contact Douglas Harbour Control on channel 12 for permission to pick up a mooring, anchor or go alongside a quay but crew must not leave their vessel.

  3. Social restrictions and requirements (and any special points)
    Any legal requirements for social distancing and all restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings have now been removed. When meeting people from outside your household, that is, people you don’t currently live with, you no longer have to keep a 2 metre distance; however it is advised to still practise basic hygiene measures, including regularly washing your hands and coughing or sneezing into your elbow.

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Reviewed: 11/08/20

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