Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Malta


Status Summary

Highly Restricted. Marinas closed. Expect 14 days quarantine.

Flights to/from UK still possible. Expect review beginning of June

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Local Information

12/05/20: All restaurants and bars are closed except for take-away and/or deliveries. Most shops will be allowed to reopen on Monday 4 May but with restrictions on the number of clients allowed entry and an ability to maintain social distancing. Passengers on public transport and clients of commercial entities will be required to wear face masks. Travel restrictions on travel between Malta and Gozo have been relaxed.

04/05/20: Signs of slow opening program. Yachts not allowed yet.

17/03/20: none of the Maltese marinas will accept any boats visiting from overseas because the marina is then expected to enforce the quarantine regulations for 2 weeks after the arrival of a boat from any country.


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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