Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Russia


Status Summary

Highly Restricted. Borders closed until at least 31/05/20, unless resident - 14 day quarantine.

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Local Information

25/04/20: Lockdown continues – it is necessary to have a special pass (a QR code) to drive or even as a pedestrian. It is not permitted to walk in parks and people are permitted to walk only 100m from their home – Police can stop and ask how far you are from home. [ CA Baltic Section].

16/04/20: Persons over age 65 advised to remain at home. Fines of min 4-5,000 Rb max 20,000 Rb for infringement of rules. Clubs and marinas all closed though currently locals preparing boats for launching. Navigation is not open.

19/03/20: Visa extensions of up to 90 days will be granted for those nationals who are in Russia at present but cannot travel back to the UK, regardless of the purpose of entry.


Reviewed: 19/05/20

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