Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Sweden


Status Summary

Restricted. Borders open, but only to residents and selected countries. Until at least 15/06/20.

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Local Information

17/05/20: Boat launching is going ahead as normal but sailing to Finland or crossing an international border is not recommended. Flights in and out of Sweden are supposed to start again in mid June.

07/05/20: On 5th May the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Swedish sailors against sailing outside Sweden this summer because of the ongoing pandemic. All unnecessary trips (visitor and tourist trips) to other countries are discouraged. This advice is not primarily about the health risk, but concerns the indirect consequences of the pandemic such as limited entry and exit opportunities and quarantine regulations. On 15th June the Ministry will make a further recommendation regarding travel. [CA Baltic Section]

25/04/20: Boats are being launched and people can do some sailing. Social distancing recommendations (advisory not compulsory), keep a distance of 2m from others and those over 70 should remain at home. It is noted that people are observing these recommendations. Meetings of no more than 49 people are permitted – this covers restaurants and churches. [CA Baltic Section].

17/04/20: Borders closed to all nationalities except for residents, EEA & Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein..


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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