Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: UK - England


Status Summary

  1. Can I and my crew get to my boat and back?
    Restricted. Many EU and other countries permitted entry without 14 day quarantine - see exemption list below. Other countries require 14 day quarantine.

    NOTE: These comments are for England only. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have variations of their own. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not part of the UK and have regulations of their own.

  2. Restrictions sailing in-country and cross-border
    Sailing, including overnight stays on boats, is now permitted. Most marinas and harbours are re-opening to visitors but may have restrictions. Contact with marinas and harbours before departing previous location strongly advised.

    Coastal waters open and can sail between England Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales but IoM, Ireland and the Channel Islands have severe restrictions on arrivals from outside their territorial waters.

  3. Social restrictions and requirements (and any special points)
    Pubs and restaurants are open but significantly restricted due to rules. Social distancing and place specific social controls in place. covering is mandatory on public transport and in all shops.

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Reviewed: 04/08/20

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