Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: UK - Scotland


Status Summary

Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland differ from, and may be in force longer than, rules in other parts of the UK. Further details of the timetable for easing lockdown were given on 13th April, and are included below.

Owners fortunate to live close to their boats are permitted to go for a day sail, and to do general maintenance. Travel is now also permitted within mainland Scotland to perform “essential maintenance” (generally for safety reasons only, not fitting out) on boats.

Beyond this, there are a number of constraints on boating in Scotland, with the following restrictions applying (except for certain "essential" reasons), together with the provisional / earliest date for easing:

  1. Travel within Scotland is legally restricted to within the Local Authority boundary +5 miles - this is due to be lifted on 16th April;
  2. Travel between Scotland and other UK nations is banned - this is expected to be lifted on 26th April;
  3. International travel into Scotland is banned, and even for essential travel all arrivals, except from Ireland are subject to hotel quarantine (not just from "red list" countries); it is "certain" that this will not be lifted before 17th May and in the Scottish Government’s view "it may well not be possible for a further period after that" and
  4. Staying on board boats is banned (and self-catering accommodation closed) - this is expected to be lifted on 26th April for single household groups, but not until “late June” for groups from more than one household.

Different rules currently apply in some cases to Orkney, Shetland and some of the Hebrides. It is expected that travel to the Scottish islands will be permitted from 26th April.

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