Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: UK - Wales


Status Summary

Highly Restricted. Most harbours and marinas closed.

Note: Easing of restrictions on boating proposed for England from 13th May may not apply in Wales.

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Local Information

25/05/20: First Minister states that the Welsh Government will consider some "modest" lockdown easing next week - but only if the public continue to follow current guidelines.

18/05/20: Because of the changes to the lockdown situation most marinas are altering their restrictions on visiting, maintenance and possible sailing. Contact your ports and marinas for their latest situation.

11/05/20: People will be able to exercise outside more than once a day in Wales and some garden centres set to reopen The rest of the stay-at-home restrictions will be extended for another three weeks until 28 May. However, everyone must continue to work from home wherever possible and must only travel when absolutely necessary.

04/05/20: The Welsh Government will be changing the rules for the lockdown and will be relaxing various requirements that could ease owners visits to ports, harbours and marinas in Wales. Currently activities should NOT include swimming or other exercise at sea, or in lakes, rivers or other waterways.


Reviewed: 26/05/20

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