Using the internet forums and emails

The sharing of information and views is what makes cruising so satisfying – and the CA has a range of special tools – some unique – to make this as easy as possible.

All members have access to our online Forums – these are arranged by topic. In addition to our general Cruising Conversations and Technical Forums, there is special forum for our Crewing Service.

What makes our Forums different are our Sea Area ‘nets’. Each of our geographical Sections has its own ‘net’ where people can ask questions related to Cruising in the Area.

Topics range from where to get Diesel, to information on certain harbours, to requests for help.

All our Forums can be viewed and contributed to online, but uniquely to the CA, you don’t have to go online – you can interact with the forums entirely by email. You can set up ‘subscriptions’ so that whenever someone ‘posts’ something to a forum you will get an update in an email. Posting questions or answers to the forum are as simple as replying to the email. You can set the system to send updates to you twice a day, or every time there is an update.

In addition, the CA has a unique ‘Cruising Mode’. This radically cuts down the number of emails you receive – when you are afloat maybe you don’t want to receive as many emails as when you are at home – If you are in Cruising Mode you only receive new topics, or answers to your own topics.

  I have been a member all my cruising life and the CA and its members remains the best port of call for information, advice and hospitality both afloat and ashore
Paul Heiney, Broadcaster & Transatlantic Sailor 
You can switch between Cruising Mode and receiving emails straight away at will and different permissions and settings can be set for individual forums.

In our Forums, all users are required to use their own names rather than hide behind a pseudonym – this way you know you are getting ‘real’ advice from real people.