Honorary Local Representatives

Strange things, they say, happen at sea. You don't have to put many miles under the keel to find out that it's true. And if those strange things need to be resolved, then the Cruising Association is here to help. Specifically, in the shape of our Honorary Local Representatives (HLRs).

From Aalborg to Ventspils, via Helsinki, Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Hamble, from Vancouver to Durban via Jounieh (Lebanon), Rabat (Morocco) and Mallaig, you'll find a local representative of the Cruising Association. There are more than 50 countries with HLRs, providing a network of support that is, literally, second-to-none.

The task of the HLRs is to assist CA members in whatever way they can. They help with things like sourcing emergency repairs, finding moorings, securing visas, explaining local customs and bureaucracy, provisioning, land transport and excursions. And if they can't help themselves, they'll know someone who can. They also keep us up-to-date with matters arising in their areas that might concern CA members.

 The list of representatives in ports all over the world in the handbook really is a magic pass. Vladimir who helped me get into St Petersburg rang me up the other day. He was charming, informed and hyper-efficient.

Griff Rhys Jones, Comedian, Actor & Sailing Enthusiast 

Whether you're cruising around the world, or around the coast, information and help is at hand for CA members.

A list of countries and ports with HLRs, together with their names, contact details and other relevant information, are printed in the CA Yearbook, which is posted to members, and members can search for these details on-line

More quotes

"If no-one else is very helpful try our HLR Joe Charlton in Lefkas. He knows everyone."
David Toynbee

"Don't be put off Albania, there are two HLRs who are also agents and make everything very easy."
Julian Dussek

"After assistance from the local HLR, we have to say that the HLR system is outstanding."
Katie Tabor

"We contacted the HLR who arranged berthing for us, a new gaz bottle, use of his marina facilities, (we were berthed on the quay) maps, information, and even the free loan of a car for shopping. We were most impressed!"
Jane Love

"On several occasions I have been grateful for the local knowledge and contacts of a CA HLR – take a bow John Horrill who is not only a mine of information on the Britanny coast of France but also a very nice person."
Trevor Taylor