Tom Cunliffe giving an Electronics Masterclass
Seminars & Lectures
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The CA organises many popular and informative seminars and lectures.
See here for the Seminars programme.

Seminars are organised by members who have specialist knowledge, and include 'Weather Forecasting at Sea', 'Long Term Cruising', 'Cruising in the Mediterranean' and 'Biscay Day'. There are also seminars run by invited speakers such as Tom Cunliffe, Jimmy Cornell and others on topics such as Navigation, Boat Electrics, Sail Trim and Chart Correction.

CA House Lectures Programme
A fee is payable for the Wednesday evening lectures:
Individual lecture tickets: Members £4.00; Non-members £7.00
Season tickets available - contact the Administration Team for details Lectures and talks start promptly at 19:00hrs.
There is a 5% discount on supper in the bar if you book to eat before 5pm Tuesday

We also run extremely popular weekly lectures and talks on Wednesday nights during the autumn and spring. These lectures cover all sorts of things, from advice on planning a Round Britain cruise to the history of London's waterways, from terrific tales of Blue-Water adventure, to the trials and tribulations of long term cruising with the family. For details of future talks, see below.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend all seminars and lectures. Many of these are held in London, but some are also run by our regional groups (sections), in different venues.

The lectures start in October, running through to December. They then recommence in January.

CA House
Hanson Lecture 2017 - Marlin’s Mission, by Dave Selby

Dave Selby is a seasoned veteran of 12 trans-Atlantic crossings, all of them on an aeroplane, and one in first class. He’s also a passionate but useless sailor who has fumbled around the east coast for years in his Sailfish 18 without dying once. The PBO columnist fervently believes in the transformative power of sailing, for there is surely no other leisure pursuit does so much damage to your dress sense and makes golf seem so appealing. But his life changed when he was struck down by a rare viral condition that prompted him to set off on “Marlin’s Mission,” a small boat odyssey to encourage more people to get afloat, show that sailing has never been more accessible and that, in this day and age, cost really is no barrier. As he says: “For less than the cost of a single package holiday a small, old boat can give you holidays of a life-time, for a life-time. You won’t enjoy them, but they will be cheap…

Following the lecture, prizes will be presented to this year’s log competition winners.

See here for additional details.

Specialist Seminars:

CA House

Details of 2018 seminars will be updated here when available.