Crewing Service
Our Crewing Services puts skippers & Crew in touch

Skippers often find that they could use additional crew members, either long term or specific voyages, and also may like to pass their knowledge on to people just starting to sail. Many people who do not have boats would like to experience life on a boat without the commitment of purchasing one.

Our Crewing Service puts skippers and crew in touch with each other, giving opportunities for crew and skippers to meet up. You can either meet in person at one of our Crewing Meetings in CA House, London, or access our on-line system.

Skippers using the service must be full members.  The service is free to CA members - so if you are a skipper looking for crew, why not join the CA as a full member. Full members also have access to a wide range of Cruising Information, not available to Crewing members.

You can join as Crew for only £22.50 (direct debit) £25  per year (card or cheque), plus £10 for a second member living at the same address but if you join the CA as a full member within the year, your joining fee will be refunded.

The Crewing Service holds informal meetings from September to May at CA House on the 1st Thursday of each month starting at 7pm – where you can enjoy a meal, a drink and excellent company.  The bar and galley are open from 6pm. At the meetings skippers give details of trips they are planning and the crew they are seeking. You can then go and chat to skippers planning voyages that interest you.

If you are not near London, don't worry! The crewing service can be accessed entirely on-line

Once you are registered

Once you have registered for the Crewing Service you will be able to see lists of Skippers looking for crew.  You will also be able to enter your details and preferences into our on-line system so that skippers looking for crew can contact you. Your preferences might include the dates you are available, the area you would like to sail in and you can add details of your experience so that skippers can contact people with relevant experience.

You will also be able to make use of the Crewing Service Forum to exchange messages with other members of the service. To get the maximum benefit from this you need to subscribe so that you will get all messages by email. Details are sent to you when you join.

Who can join?

The Crewing Service is open to anyone aged 18 or over, and of any ability, from novice to yachtmaster. You can gain experience under sail or power.

With details of skippers always on-line you are no longer limited by the lack of a boat – have fun, meet great people and discover the pleasure of sharing life aboard.

To buy Crewing Service Membership, please follow the link below

-Join the Crewing Service

You will be asked for your name, address and email address details and may pay by direct debit, credit/debit card or cheque.

If you pay by credit/debit card you will immediately receive an email containing your login details and will be able to enter your crewing preferences straight away.

If you pay by direct debit or cheque we will let you know your log in details by email as soon as we have confirmed your payment, and will then be able to enter your crewing preferences.


Crew Change Resource
The Crew Change resource collects details of Crew Change travel suggestions. There is an enormous collective knowledge about this within the CA and if only one percent of the membership each contributes two suggestions, then that will be a good start. We are looking for contributions with six headings: Country; Country notes; Port; Travel suggestions; Name of contributor: Date of contribution. Any member or Crewing member can contribute and download the information.