Welcome to the Antipodean Section

Welcome to the Antipodean Section

Most members live in Australia or New Zealand and sail in the Northern hemisphere (with the majority being Mediterranean section members) and therefore sail during our winter and are at home for our summer. This section aims to give our members a CA summer focus to meet a few times whilst at home.

For those members who sail in Australian and New Zealand waters we hope that information regarding various areas of these two countries will be exchanged and even a local rally held. Perhaps even private 'boat swaps' or 'boat sharing' could be arranged between individuals. This section could also be useful for those CA members who are circumnavigating and arrive at these shores opening up a vast store of advice and connections and who could also participate in any meetings or rallies being organised.

There are already several HLRs (Honorary Local Representatives) connected with this area and the CA are affiliated to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (RYCT) with others being negotiated.

We would also expect more Australian and New Zealand home-water sailors to be interested in this section and consider joining the CA especially if they happen to sail the vast Australian coastline and also between the two countries as local knowledge is always useful.


Steve Hunt, the Australian Section Secretary, has organised a lunch gathering sometime towards the end of March for NSW members with a venue to be confirmed. He will send out details as soon as possible. If any other members wish to do the same locally he is happy to put people in touch with each other if you so request.


The section secretaries will be producing newsletters and would welcome news from section members

The section secretaries are Steve Hunt (Australia) and Tony Sharp (New Zealand).

Interested in Finding Out More?

Please contact the Section Secretaries at antipodean@theca.org.uk or the CA Staff on office@theca.org.uk or +44 (0) 207 537 2828