Celtic Section Introduction

Welcome to the Celtic Section

The Celtic section was launched in October 2013. Section members who sail in our waters come from all over UK and Ireland and also continental Europe.

The Celtic Section Area

This section stretches from Land’s End to Cape Wrath. With the new century, there has been an amazing growth in facilities for the cruising yacht. Many new pontoon berth have been provided, particularly in N Ireland and the W Highlands, and accessibility to many of the tidal harbours has been greatly improved.

In addition to rounding Land’s End you can access the northern end by going through the Caledonian Canal, this is a holiday in itself, made easier by the helpfulness of the lock and bridge keepers which is a real joy to experience. As a result, we see very many flags from Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and France, so there’s no excuse for Southerners not to make the trip.

While the weather is dealt to us by the Atlantic, we get to see the sun nearly every day, and we can also watch the rain dumping on the mountains to our east. It is a real joy to watch the climbers on Snowdon getting wet from the sunny shore at Abersoch. I have yet to mention Ireland, which has its own Cruising Association, a close associate, and a whole new world of wonderful destinations. Visit Dingle, and you will be smitten, visit Dublin and you will want to go back.


Forthcoming Events

Saturday 25th February 2017 - Celtic Seminar - The Wild West: Cruising the Celtic Fringe

The 2017 Celtic Seminar will include talks by speakers including winner of the 2009 Love Cup, Terry McMenanin, Commodore of the Royal Highland Yacht Club, Boyd Holmes and three times round Britain sailor Derek Lumb. See details here.

Saturday 25th February 2017 - Malt Whisky Tasting and Haggis Supper

Following the Celtic Seminar, a themed evening event will include tasting of 6 malt whiskies and a haggis supper. See details here.

Date TBC - Spring Seminar - Passage races for the cruising sailor

If there is sufficient interest, the Celtic Section will also be running a spring seminar in the Glasgow area on "Passage races for the cruising sailor" the projected date and venue will be published online in MyCA and on the Celtic Net Forum. The aim is to reveal the mysteries of Insurance, Rating, Handicap and Rules in order to take part in passage races rather than weekly club round - the - cans.

Interested in Finding out More?

Please contact the Section Secretary, Douglas Newton, at celtic@theca.org.uk or the CA Staff on office@theca.org.uk or +44 (0) 207 537 2828