Cruising Association Sections Guide to World Cruising

A Section is the CA’s name for a special interest group. For a member, the Sections are the beating heart of the organisation. To get the best out of the CA, you should join one or more Sections. Membership is free – you can join as many Sections as you like and you can leave at any time, all online.

Sections organise seminars, lectures, rallies and other social events, even sometimes overseas trips. They produce regular Newsletters with items of topical interest. Sections are run by volunteer organisers called Section Secretaries. The Secretaries will help you with any query related to their area.

There are two types of Sections: Cruising Sections and UK/local Sections.

Cruising Sections

The Cruising Sections correspond to popular cruising areas around the world and offer support and guidance about these areas, and they also manage the CA’s Cruising Information base for their area and some produce Cruising Guides. They also liaise with local HLRs. All Cruising Sections have accompanying Cruising email ‘Nets’ to keep members in touch with each other and share information.

UK/local Sections

These are primarily social groups who organise lectures and social events during the winter and occasional local rallies during the summer. Many UK members join the UK Section near where they live, and the Cruising section where they sail, or are thinking of sailing. Our latest local section is the Antipodean section, for members living in Australia and New Zealand, many of whom sail in Mediterranean and Baltic waters.

  An invaluable source of cruising information, friendship and support in time of need.

Rachel and Paul Chandler, Blue water cruising couple & victims of Somali piracy