Regulation & Technical Services
Regulations and Technical Services

Regulations and Technical Services - RATS, is a committee within the Cruising Association that works on behalf of the CA liaising with other people and organisations in areas of interest to members. Recently they have dealt with issues such as the user of red diesel in pleasurecraft, advice on avoiding piracy and the opening of the Limehouse basin lock gates during the London Olympics.

The Committee has three working groups which focus on particular issues:

  • Technical working group
  • Environment working group
  • Communications working group

The Committee’s work involves dealing with individuals or, more often, official bodies. It deals with a large number of international, national, parliamentary, trade, special interest or local groups all needing help, advice, comments or consultation on matters which involve the cruising boat user.

The remainder of the work done by the Committee involves projects in any area covered by it’s ‘Regulations and Technical Services’ brief. Examples include work on Codes of Conduct or Policy papers, production of Technical Questionnaires, writing articles for ‘Cruising’ or ‘Bulletin’ and developing material for the CA website.

Without information RATS cannot function effectively. CA members contact the RATS committee with issues relating to the yachting and cruising community, and they are particularly interested in proposed legislation, planning enquiries, public consultations, introduction of new local regulations and experience of their use in practice. With that knowledge RATS can negotiate with those responsible and hopefully introduce sensible changes where it is necessary and practicable to do so.

Topics presently under discussion in RATS are:

  • Maritime Management Organisation.
  • Marine Navigation Bill
  • Marine Conservation Zones
  • Conference of Yacht Cruising Clubs
  • Marine Renewable Energy, 9 Wind Sites, 1 Tidal
  • Piracy
  • Red Diesel
  • RATS Website

RATS responds to matters raised by members, and welcomes their input.