North Sea Section Introduction

Welcome to the North Sea Section

The North Sea is a terrific cruising ground, embracing nearly 800 miles of every type of coastal terrain and many diverse on-shore attractions. Our new North Sea Section aims to encourage and support cruisers looking to widen their horizons, offering a forum to exchange information and share experiences. Section events offer the opportunity to meet other cruisers with similar interests. And there’s no signing up fee!

The North Sea Area

The North Sea section covers the UK waters from Dover up to the Scottish Islands and the continental coast from Dunkerque to the river Elbe. The variety of destinations could hardly be greater, from the quiet Suffolk rivers to the sparsely populated and imposing rocky headlands of Scotland; the sandy coasts of Belgium and Holland, the intricate network of canals and old fishing ports, crowned by the lovely Frisian Islands that stretch into Germany. Plus busy and historic ports - London, Edinburgh, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

The North Sea delivers a wide range of cruising experiences, with tides that provide a helpful lift, sandbanks to navigate by, shipping that adds interest to any passage, all helped on (often) by good breezes. Challenges and rewards in equal measure.

Our Meetings

During the non-sailing season, we meet either at CA House or at other popular CA meeting venues along our cruising area. The meetings are a great opportunity to get to know fellow North Sea cruisers and share experiences. They will also include presentations and talks on the different cruising areas and the practical aspects of sailing on the North Sea. Each year we aim to organise a summer rally involving a crossing in company from the UK to the continental coast.

Our North Sea Forum

Stay in touch with events and important news via our forum. Find useful information on our North Sea Facts news and information page - the source of information for North Sea cruisers, and a valuable complement to the Cruising Almanac, the essential companion to travelling these waters.

What will you get from being a member of the Section?

As well as the opportunity to participate in the events, Section members receive newsletters by email and we maintain our Section pages on MyCA and members are alerted when new information is added here, or when cruising reports have been posted. The extensive experience our members have means the online forum is a rich source of information and advice on cruising in the area, whether on tides and navigation, local regulations, marina facilities or simply the best restaurants close to the marina.

To see seminars and lectures organised by members of the CA see here.

Interested in Finding Out More?

Please contact the Section Secretary at or the CA Staff on or +44 (0) 207 537 2828