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We are Martin and Liz and we sail primarily as a couple aboard our Westerly Seahawk called ‘Two Plus Two’. We purchased her in 2010 and she is our second sailing boat. Since purchasing Two Plus Two we have mostly cruised the UK East Coast around Suffolk and Essex. We have been as far west as Poole and up the east cost as far as Lowestoft. We have sailed up the Thames to London and into the Netherlands as far as Veerse Meer. We purchased Two Plus Two with the intention of doing extended cruising once we retired,

Since we have both now retired we have left our base on the River Orwell in Suffolk and sailed into the Baltic via the Netherlands. In our first year, 2016, we mostly cruised around Denmark. We have over wintered in Germany and plan to cruise through Sweden in 2017.

The site records key events and passages relating to Arctic Smoke a 1974 Elizabethan 33 that I bought in December 2011. At the time of writing this (September 2015) she is in Gran Canaria from where I plan to depart in November for the Cape Verde and then on to the Carribean where Jamaica and Cuba will be our targets before returning to the UK via the USA and Bermuda and the Azores.

This is our boat blog in which I chronicle our cruises in Europe and various other boating topics. There is a considerable amount of information about sailing along the remote west coast of Ireland, which has been published in a book called Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way. There is also a good deal of information about cruising in Scotland, specifically in the Inner Hebrides.

A previous blog covered the United States, Canada and the Atlantic Circuit. Articles about our stops along the way can be found on our website, That website also contains many articles based on our best-selling book, Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring.  

Homepage of Awelina of Sweden. Some hopefully useful files, mostly about astro-nav and quantitative articles on fuel consumption and forces on anchors.

Link to the blog of "Awelina of Sweden"

Sailing "Mr Blue Sky" a Hanse 385 from The Isle of Rugen in the Baltic, back to Brixham, Devon, during May & June 2016.  The passage included visits to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium & France before crossing the channel back to England. 

We are in the process of creating this 'blog' site on which we are detailing all our overseas cruising. We took a catamaran through the French Canals in 1999, sailed out to Greece via Corsica and Italy. After three years in the Ionian and a trip around the Peloponnese we returned to Britain via the French Canals. We then bought a Dutch canal boat on which, for the last eleven years, we have cruising on the Inland Waterways of France.

A site containing much information on the technical side of yachting, with hundreds of photographs illustrating designs and arrangements, both common and unusual.

This is the cruising blog of David & Lindsay Inwood, full time live-aboards (ie sold up to go sailing), initially in our Najad 391 "Red Panda" and then in our Contest 48CS "Goldcrest".  It covers our voyages from 2009 onwards, starting as real rookies sailing into the Med, a couple of years getting to Turkey & back to the UK, changing boats for ocean passages & crossing the Atlantic to the caribbean.  There our plans changed and we spent a year or so doing most of the US east coast, a tiny bit of Cuba &Mexico before heading back to Europe.  We had an eventful east-bound Atlantic crossing and are now back in the Med.

The summer cruises of Whileaway a Westerly Oceanquest sailed by Andrea and Richard.

2014 – the Channel Islands, Brittany and the Biscay coast of France. 2015 – the north east coast of France, Belgium and the standing mast routes through the Netherlands. 2016 – from Amsterdam, through Friesland, the German Frisian Islands and the Kiel Canal to the Baltic Sea. Then exploring south and west Denmark, the east coast of Sweden and the north coast of Germany. 2017 – Planning to head up the east coast of Sweden.

My site is primarily about how to  obtain, understand and use  marine weather forecasts. I hope that it will help sailors to get a better understanding about weather on all scales of time and space..