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Follow our journey on board Red Roo through this blog and web site as we live aboard and sail full time from Europe back home to Australia in our Alliage 38 yacht.  On average we post once a fortnight and in the first three years of our adventure have already sailed and explored 16 countries in Europe. Yes we are taking the long way - there is a whole world out there to sail and explore.

2016 - France, Channel Islands, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Scotland

2017 - The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark

2018 - France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco


Robinetta is a "Tabloid Cruiser" gaff cutter designed by Denys Rayner and launched in 1937. This is the log of her voyages and documents her history

A day by day account of Lady Hamilton’s circumnavigation of the Baltic.

Several solo circumnavigations by Jeanne Socrates on 'Nereida' - four times solo through Southern Ocean, three times solo around Cape Horn

First was west-about through Tropics from west coast of Mexico back to Mexico (through Panama Canal), others were all east-about through Southern Ocean.

Last two were solo, nonstop, unassisted:

 2012-13: Guinness World Record for 'oldest female RTW nonstop unassisted' (and first woman to circumnavigate solo, nonstop, unassisted from N. America). 
2018-19  - on completion, 7th Sept 2019, became oldest person to do so passing south of all five Great Capes:  C. Horn, C. of Good Hope, C. Leeuwin, SE Cape of Tasmania, S Cape of Stewart Island/New Zealand.

Daily blogs are posted to website when underway.

(Time was spent in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico recuperating from a bad fall on 28 Sept 2017, just prior to a planned RTW departure, but returned to Victoria, B.C., Canada in May 2018 to prepare for that last successful nonstop unassisted solo RTW from/to Victoria Hbr.)

Plan on return was to repair 'Nereida' over spring/summer 2020 in B.C., so as to get away cruising once more - to California, Mexico, Polynesia, then on through Pacific to NZ & Australia


 2021 update:  The 2020 Covid outbreak found me having flown in to Australia. A planned four-month 'clockwise circumnavigation by land-yacht', which started February  2020 in Sydney, came to a temporary halt in Yarloop, south of Perth in Western Australia, with lockdown and restricted movement for 3 months, April - June.
Two flight bookings were cancelled (June, August) & it has been impossible for many months to get back to 'Nereida' in Victoria Hbr, B.C., to  do repairs as planned, ready for cruising...    There's no sign of likely 'escape' from Oz until later this year - I've been granted a new visa until 9th August.  There's no COVID in the general population in Oz, so it's a good place to have been trapped, but it's frustrating not to be able to take care of my boat - I'm lucky to have friends in Victoria that are looking after her.
Australia has been a safe & wonderful place to explore and I've visited many amazing places, finally reaching Cairns in Northern Queensland where I decided to stop until such time as I can see myself being able to fly back to Canada (and being permitted entry!) from Sydney.  I've plenty of writing to get done and it's good to be safely based here in the warmth of the Tropics, away from the world-wide contagion (& the Northern winter!).

As I (and so many others) keep commenting - I could have been caught in a far worse place - at least here, life is COVID-free, almost normal in fact, and the people are generally very friendly and supportive!

(23 January 2021, Yorkeys Knob, QLD, Australia)


Cruising in the Mediterranean on our Bavaria 36.

Voyages of Shadowmere - a 1979 Hallberg Rassy ketch (HR41).

June 2017 left Belfast, Northern Ireland bound for Nova Scotia - via the Cape Verde Islands and Barbados.


We are a family of four from Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We are sailing together on our Rival Bowman called Bella. This photo-blog is our place to show family and friends what we are up to with our news items and photographs.

As we travel through Europe and eventually across the Atlantic Ocean we will be home-schooling (or boat-schooling) our two sons. We will also be writing about our journey on this educational path.



Phil, Tom, Stan and Ted


A story of my adventures and misadventures aboard Moon Shadow, a 1988 Sigma 362.

Sailed mostly single handed with occasional company. 

My blog is a simple record of Debbie and my travels on Zebahdy.  At present it is all in the Med but maybe we will go further afield as time allows.   It is a combination of text and photos with the occasional video.  If you care going somewhere we have been, you may find useful information on the blog

This is an account of a voyage round Britain completed over two years in the authors' Bavaria 43 sloop with an overwinter stop at Fosdyke near Boston.  There were twenty five ports of call and each leg features an account of the passage with weather conditions and the navigational planning involved.