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'Cruising Sections’ cover sea areas whilst ‘Local Sections’ are UK-based. There’s also an Antipodean Section for members ‘down under’.

When you join consider signing up to at least two Sections, one near home and another where you want to cruise. You can join as many Sections as you like – it’s FREE - and there are opportunities to get involved in events and discussions most relevant to you and your cruising.

Cruising Sections use dedicated online forums to exchange information. As a CA member you can access any forum at any time, whether you’re a Section member or not. You can even set up automatic forwarding of posts from any forum and the ‘cruising mode’ helps you control receipt of emails when airtime might be expensive or bandwidths restricted.

Cruising Sections


Covers the Baltic Sea, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Faroes. Holds a popular introductory seminar every spring.


Covers Western France, Spain and Portugal as well as crossing Biscay. Holds a popular introductory seminar every spring.

Blue Water

For those sailing outside of European waters. Holds a popular Blue Water seminar in the summer.


Covers waters from Land’s End to Cape Wrath. Meets at various west coast venues to share knowledge on all aspects of cruising the region.


For those cruising the south coast of the UK, Channel Islands, and France from the Belgian border to NW Brittany. Holds an annual seminar and summer rally/cruise-in-company.

European Inland Waterways

Covers over 30,000 km of navigable rivers and canals passing through over 20 countries. Annual seminar and lunch each autumn at CA House.


Covers the Mediterranean from Spain and Morocco in the west to the Levant in the east, and includes the Black Sea. Meets at CA House in the winter, and afloat in the summer.

North Sea

Covers the UK, Belgian and Dutch coasts. Meets at East Coast venues to share knowledge on all aspects of cruising the region.

Local / UK Sections


For members who live in Australia and New Zealand and who sail in the Northern Hemisphere.

CA London

CA London events are held at our Limehouse HQ.

East Midlands

Talks are held in various venues in the East Midlands.


Meetings held at Blackwater Sailing Club and mid-week lunches arranged.


Winter talks are held in Maidstone, and joint rallies are organised with Essex and Suffolk sections.


Summer rallies with weekend meets. Winter talks with ‘club’ suppers usually at a Hamble yacht club or marina.

South West

For members living in or cruising the areas from Portland Bill to the Isles of Scilly and along the north coast of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset to Bristol.


Joint meetings are arranged with the Royal Harwich Yacht Club at Woolverstone.

Thames Valley

Winter talks are held at the Upper Thames Sailing Club in Bourne End near Marlow.


Talks are held at Lilliput Sailing Club, Poole.

West Midlands

Year round events held at Severn Motor Yacht Club, also winter meetings held at Ashwood Social Club Kingswinford.

Forthcoming Section Events

Non-members are welcome to attend

Hanson Lecture, Mike Golding
Date: 07/10/2020

Mike is one of the few yachtsmen to have raced round the world non-stop in both directions. He will tell the inside story of the rescue of Alex Thomson during the Around...

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An Arctic Odyssey with Free Spirit, Dave and Jeanette Hardy
Date: 14/10/2020

Dave and Jeanette recount the story of three months of fantastic sailing in what arguably must be the most spectacular and committing sailing on mainland Europe. Leaving...

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Maritime Sayings by Terry Corner
Date: 15/10/2020

Cruise Ship Lecturer and former Commodore of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Terry Corner, will entertain and educate us with stories of the origins of phrases that are commonplace in our language...

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It Shouldn’t Happen to a Cat, Iain and Penny Kidson
Date: 21/10/2020

Iain and Penny won the Yachting World Family Cruising Trophy in the CA’s log competition for this account of a cruise to the Netherlands with their grandsons. They set...

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Shipwrecks of London, Robert Smith
Date: 28/10/2020

With so many ships visiting London, it is hardly surprising that there have been thousands of shipwrecks in the Thames. This talk tells the story of 12 of those ships,...

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Waves, Wheels & Sparks by Jeremy Batch
Date: 31/10/2020

Sailing into the Electrical Age, another Illustrated Talk by this lively presenter who will take us on a journey from Ancient Egypt via: magnets, compasses, batteries and dynamos; electric motors,...

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The North West Passage, Past, Present and Future, Steve Brown
Date: 04/11/2020

In 2014 Steve Brown and his 60ft Aero Rigged schooner Novara completed an east to west transit of the NWP before going on to complete a 33,000nm circumnavigation of the...

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How the Anglo-Saxons crossed the North Sea by Paul Constantine
Date: 07/11/2020

It is in the Longshed in Woodbridge that a team of dedicated volunteers and experts are working on the Sutton Hoo Replica Project. Paul Constantine, a researcher on Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian ships...

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The Whitbread Round the World Race, John Bartlett
Date: 11/11/2020

John’s talk covers how the Whitbread was established, an overview of the first race in 1974 and his personal view as a participant in the last Whitbread in 1989-90. The...

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The Jubilee Sailing Trust by Sue Iskander
Date: 19/11/2020

Sailing on Tall Ships, where the able and less able are treated equally; The Jubilee Sailing Trust has a unique mission: to give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore...

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