Regulations and Technical Services

Working on behalf of members

Our Regulations and Technical Services group – RATS - works on behalf of members to advise and campaign on subjects affecting cruising.

Their research and knowledge of technical and regulatory subjects is unique in the world of boating and they will liaise with both local and national government on behalf of members.

Take the worry out of the red tape

Regulations and 'red tape' varies between countries and is constantly changing. RATS keeps our members up to date with the latest changes in legislation on issues such as red diesel, taxes and visas.

Technical know-how

Cruising boats these days are equipped with lots of kit to make life aboard safer, more comfortable and more self-sufficient. How does this equipment work and how do you maintain it? Gas bottles vary throughout the world - so do requirements for holding tanks. How do you know what you’ll need where? Never fear, RATS are here! With their extensive experience and knowledge, RATS stays up-to-date, their members write regular technical articles for Cruising magazine and keep our members current on a vast range of topics.

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