Radio Frequency Safety Assessment

Guidance on new Ofcom VHF Radio Licence Compliance

The CA's Regulatory & Technical Services group has prepared the attached Radio Frequency Safety Assessment form (Word format) / Radio Frequency Safety Assessment form (PDF format) to assist CA members and other boat owners to assess the radio equipment on their boat to ensure they are conforming to Ofcom’s policy for limiting exposure of the public to electro-magnetic emissions.


This policy is effective from 18 November 2021 (except for HF/SSB radios for which the effective date is 18 May 2022 for 10-110MHz transmissions and 18 November 2022 for transmissions below 10MHz). This assessment is based on the EMF calculator provided by Ofcom.

You can read more about the new Ofcom requirements on our news page, released 29 October 2021.


updated 22 November 2021

Cruising Association Regulatory and Technical Services group


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