Almanac Corrections

Corrections to the Cruising Almanac are published approximately every two months to take into account Notices to Mariners, changes to buoyage and lights and other new developments which have taken place since the Almanac cut off date which is usually in mid-May. The latest corrections may be downloaded from this web site, and the inclusion of these corrections for the appropriate year makes your Cruising Almanac correct to the given cut off date. Please note  that when a new yearly edition is published  changes to text or plans from the previous year are not necessarily included in the next year's Corrections.

Corrections may include links to updated Imray chartlets and other large updates. These links only work provided you are online.


Corrections to the 2018 Cruising Almanac

Corrections 1.0                           cut off date 11/09/2017

Corrections 2.2                           cut off date 19/10/2017

Corrections 3.0                           cut off date 08/11/2017

Corrections 4.0                           cut off date 25/01/2018

Corrections 5.0                           cut off date 20/03/2018

Corrections 6.0                           cut off date 24/05/2018

Corrections 7.0                          cut off date 02/07/2018

Corrections 7.1                          cut off date 02/07/2018

Corrections 8.0                          cut off date 07/08/2018

Corrected 2018 Belfast Tide tables


Corrections to the 2017 Cruising Almanac

Corrections 9.1 (final issue)         cut off date 30/08/17




The editor would be glad to receive any corrections, information or suggestions which readers may consider would improve the book. Letters should be addressed to:

Almanac Hon Editor
The Cruising Association
CA House
1 Northey Street
Limehouse Basin
E14 8BT


Alternatively you can email him here.