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CAptain's Mate of the Month

The CA's amazing APP CAptain's Mate is available exclusively and free to CA members. However, we're keen to share some of its attributes and first-hand knowledge & some 'as live' reports with all of our followers - members and non-members alike. We're delighted to bring you a new line-up of...CAptain's Mate of the Month! These are just examples of the hundreds of new reports submitted every month.


July 2020:

Mittelland Kanal/Schleuse Hohenwarthe/Elbe Aqueduct: Mitelland Kanal at Km 325. The aqueduct is about 2 Km in length. From the east you will pass through the Hohenwarthe Schleuse. When leaving the schleuse you need to request permission to cross the aqueduct which is strictly controlled. The lady locker keeper was very helpful. Again going west to east you must request permission, this could mean waiting for a barge. If you wish to join the river Elbe, then there is a lock to take you down on either side of the aqueduct. Before joining the river Elbe, check the water levels first. In the last two or three years there has been insufficient water to accommodate safe navigation either up or downstream.

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