CA Cruising Almanac 2022

The Cruising Almanac


Authoritative Nautical Pilotage for NW Europe

The authority and reputation of the Cruising Almanac grows each year and it’s no wonder. The co-operation of the talents of cruising people, combined with Imray’s publishing skills, is unbeatable and make it the reference for serious cruising in NW Europe.

20th Anniversary Edition

The Cruising Almanac was first published in 1909 as Sailing Directions within the Cruising Association Handbook. Almost a century later, in 2002, it became The Cruising Almanac, published by Imray. This 2022 edition, introduced by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, CBE, Patron of the Cruising Association, marks the 20th anniversary of the partnership between the CA and Imray.

It covers the area from the Shetlands in the north around the coasts and islands of Great Britain and Ireland; on the continent, from Bergen into the approaches to the Baltic and right down to Gibraltar. Its main aim is to help us to make enjoyable passages and to get us safely in and out of harbours, rivers and anchorages. The expertise of Imray is evident in the full colour, detailed chartlets which accompany most entries.

The Cruising Almanac 2022

Up to Date

It is compiled by CA members from first-hand experience of each area. All sections, both text and plans, have been checked and revised throughout to reflect the changing cruising scene. Members’ reports form an important contribution to the Almanac and maintain the CA’s ethos of mutual help. The General Information chapter has been further revised, and large sections of the Netherlands have been rewritten to include the recent extensive changes to the TSS off the approaches to the Maas. We have noted the increase of pontoon berths, particularly in Scotland and Ireland. Updating of the Almanac continues throughout the year and corrections are published monthly. They can be freely downloaded from the CA website Almanac corrections page.

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The Practical Almanac

Its A4 format and avoidance of unhelpful clutter make it easy to read at sea even in difficult conditions.

Passage notes, easily identified by their pale blue background colour, are incorporated in the main text.

Tide tables for 47 standard ports are included – published in a separate booklet. The main Almanac contains tidal stream plans: full tidal details for secondary ports are included with the text for the relevant port.


The cost of postage for the Almanac and Tide tables, to UK addresses, is £10. If you are visiting CA House, a CA Section meeting or a boat show, you can save the postage cost by arranging to pick up a copy there. (International shipping costs will vary).