Blue Water

Welcome to the Blue Water Section

This Section was set up to support CA Members who had sailed away from the UK and Europe. As can be appreciated the Section covers a vast area of the world where members are experiencing first hand the changes to clearing in and out procedures and have knowledge of all manner of facilities and current local advice as well as many cruising reports on CAptain’s Mate. Join us to help other members enjoy theirs.

The Blue Water Area

Our members sail all over the world from crossing the Atlantic to America, to places as far flung as Alaska, Australia and Antarctica plus all places in between.

Where We Meet

We have an annual lunchtime get together in mid-August at CA House, London. Rendezvous/rallies are organised in various parts of the world and promulgated via our newsletters - spot a CA burgee and you’ll end up having a party.

Being part of our Section

Will give you contact with others who have 'been there-done that' enabling you to access their first hand experiences. Sail in company with other members in your area (if you want to), use our world–wide discounts and get local help from our representatives abroad. We run Blue Water e-mail contact groups for a variety of activities e.g. members making their way towards the Canaries or Cape Verde for their Atlantic Crossing/Panama Transit etc. as well as various areas such as the Caribbean/U.S.A. East Coast/Pacific Ocean!

Forthcoming Events

There are no forthcoming events currently scheduled. From the autumn through to the spring, most Local Sections hold talks and social gatherings at local sailing clubs, pubs or other venues. Our Cruising Sections hold specialist seminars and talks at CA House during this period as well as some rallies and cruises in company during the summer sailing season.

To see all seminars and lectures see here, or the calendar of all events see here.

Interested in Finding out More?

Please contact the Section Secretary, Sandy Duker, at or
CA staff at or +44 (0) 207 537 2828.

Cruising Sections


Covers the Baltic Sea, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Faroes. Holds a popular introductory seminar every spring.


Covers Western France, Spain and Portugal as well as crossing Biscay. Holds a popular introductory seminar every spring.

Blue Water

For those sailing outside of European waters. Holds a popular Blue Water seminar in the summer.


Covers waters from Land’s End to Cape Wrath. Meets at various west coast venues to share knowledge on all aspects of cruising the region.


For those cruising the south coast of the UK, Channel Islands, and France from the Belgian border to NW Brittany. Holds an annual seminar and summer rally/cruise-in-company.

European Inland Waterways

Covers over 30,000 km of navigable rivers and canals passing through over 20 countries. Annual seminar and lunch each autumn at CA House.


Covers the Mediterranean from Spain and Morocco in the west to the Levant in the east, and includes the Black Sea. Meets at CA House in the winter, and afloat in the summer.

North Sea

Covers the UK, Belgian and Dutch coasts. Meets at East Coast venues to share knowledge on all aspects of cruising the region.

Local / UK Sections


For members who live in Australia and New Zealand and who sail in the Northern Hemisphere.

CA London

CA London events are held at our Limehouse HQ.


Meetings held at Blackwater Sailing Club and mid-week lunches arranged.


Kent Section's 'Winter Warmers', talks by a variety of speakers, will be held via Zoom for the forseeable future.


Summer rallies with weekend meets. Winter talks with ‘club’ suppers usually at a Hamble yacht club or marina.

South West

For members living in or cruising the areas from Portland Bill to the Isles of Scilly and along the north coast of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset to Bristol.


Joint meetings are arranged with the Royal Harwich Yacht Club at Woolverstone.

Thames Valley

Winter talks are held in partnership with the Gerrards Cross Sailing Association (GXSA) at Colston Hall at The Memorial Centre in Gerrards Cross.


Talks are held at Lilliput Sailing Club, Poole.

Join our cruising community and join in the fun.

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