Zoom One-to-One Chats

If you have any questions about CA membership, you can book a one-to-one chat with a member of the CA team.

Slots are available during our Spring Promo Week, Monday 22 March to Friday 26 March (09:30 - 17:00). Just enter your email address and select your preferred date and time in the form and click 'Confirm'. You'll receive an email invitation to join the meeting and you then simply just click the link in that email at the schedule time.

Alternatively, you can have a with one of our team (just click the icon in the bottom right of the page). You can also find answers to many questions on our FAQs page.

What are the benefits of a Zoom One-to-One session?

  • Tour of the members' pages of the website including forums, cruising reports, Brexit advice and much more
  • Demonstration and tour of our app, CAptain's Mate
  • Ask questions of a member of the CA team


Book One-to-One Zoom

To book a conversation about the CA over Zoom, please use the tool below. Select a day first and then enter your email address and click or tap on the white (available) sections of the diary to book your slot. If you want to change the selected slot, just click "Cancel", then "Confirm" when you're done. We will send you a Zoom link to the email address you provide.

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