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Orca Interaction and Uneventful Passage Report Results

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Uneventful passages reports are displayed in order of date receipt. Click/tap on each report to view its content.

Use of Marine Diesel in EU and Northern Ireland

What colour should your diesel be?

Following the UK's departure from the EU RATS has issued two advice notes on the purchase and use of Red diesel.

CAptain's Mate Mobile Application Privacy Statement

  1. Our Mobile App is provided to allow Association members to share facts and opinions about places they visit, and to share their positions with each other while cruising.

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CA 180-Day Visa Campaign

The CA has launched its campaign to reduce the existential impact of Brexit on British small boat cruisers wanting to voyage extensively in European waters, including inland waterways.

Environmental Guidance for Cruising Yachtsmen


One long standing objective in the Cruising Association’s Articles of Association is 'To promote the preservation and protection of harbours, navigational facilities, estuaries, coasts and their environs'.

Zoom One-to-One Chats

The Cruising Association is pleased to offer one-to-one online chats about membership, CAptain's Mate Insight sessions and tours of our website via

The CAptain's Mate Insight sessions (approximately 30 minutes) will showcase the app functionality and answer your questions.

Schengen 90 Implications



The Regulatory & Technical Services group (RATS) has been researching options which might help cruising sailors extend their cruising in Europe following the UK’s departure from the EU.

80 seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - All Episodes

In celebration of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's 80th birthday, a series of videos entitled "80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston” have been created. They are presented by another legendary round the world sailor, Dee Caffari, and shared courtesy of the MS Amlin Yacht YouTube channel.