Red Diesel Use in the EU

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Update on the current EU acceptability of our red diesel, February 2020:

Following contacts with the Belgian and Dutch officials it has been again confirmed that the RATS advice on the use of UK red diesel in private leisure vessel engine tanks continues to be acceptable to their Customs departments. This is understood to also be the situation in all the other EU States.

Any implications arising from the recent European Court of Justice ruling on the use of United Kingdom red diesel propulsion private leisure vessels are still not known. The marine pleasure craft use of our red diesel continues to be valid in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland.

It is suggested that a copy of the advice, which can be downloaded here or from the link below, is kept on the vessel should it be needed for reference. RATS continues to have confidence that, provided members follow the advice, they may sail to EU ports and marinas without being fined for having red diesel in the vessel’s tank(s).