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Several solo circumnavigations by Jeanne Socrates in 'Nereida' - three times through Southern Ocean

First was west-about through Tropics from west coast of Mexico back to Mexico (through Panama Canal), others were east-about, two around Cape Horn.

Last one solo, nonstop, unassisted - Guinness World Record for 'oldest female RTW nonstop unassisted'.

Daily blogs posted to website when underway.

Presently in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico, recuperating from bad fall on 28 Sept 2017, while 'Nereida' awaits my return to Victoria, B.C., Canada in May, ready to cruise the beautiful Gulf Islands etc of British Columbia.

Plan to start a new nonstop unassisted solo RTW early in October 2018 from Victoria Hbr.


Cruising in the Mediterranean on our Bavaria 36.

Voyages of Shadowmere - a 1979 Hallberg Rassy ketch (HR41).

June 2017 left Belfast, Northern Ireland bound for Nova Scotia - via the Cape Verde Islands and Barbados.


We are a family of four from Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We are sailing together on our Rival Bowman called Bella. This photo-blog is our place to show family and friends what we are up to with our news items and photographs.

As we travel through Europe and eventually across the Atlantic Ocean we will be home-schooling (or boat-schooling) our two sons. We will also be writing about our journey on this educational path.



Phil, Tom, Stan and Ted


Blog describing Henrietta's trips (Najad 391), Atlantic Circuit 2015/16, mainly single-handed, not too serious

My blog is a simple record of Debbie and my travels on Zebahdy.  At present it is all in the Med but maybe we will go further afield as time allows.   It is a combination of text and photos with the occasional video.  If you care going somewhere we have been, you may find useful information on the blog

This website is dedicated to the journeys of sailing yacht Svalen, starting with a  major voyage from Sweden to Brazil and back, departing in May 2018 and returning in summer 2019. To follow the blog, visit the posts page. To donate to any of the good causes being supported en route causes visit the fundraising page.


Occasional and usually fairly brief descriptions with pictures of my single handed travels in Sancerre, my Achilles 9m , including the Jester Baltimore Challenge 2019. Also notes about preparations for the 2020 Jester Azores and some of the major updates made to the boat. 




Our adventures onboard our cutter sailboat as we sail around the world. Starting from finding the boat neglected in Penang, Malaysia and our restoration as we traveled through Asia, via Japan and onto Canada, heading south via the USA to the Sea of Cortez and then into the South Pacific to head west.

This Blog records our adventures on water initially on charter boats and since 2013, on La Ina a very solid HR 352.