Cruising in Norway 2020

A fully revised edition of the Cruising Guide to Norway has been produced by Howard Steen for 2020.

It would require a lifetime’s cruising to explore the coastline of Norway. This publication aims to assist members who are considering going there for the first time or are continuing their exploration of this fascinating coast. It has been compiled by members who have extensive knowledge of the country and what it is like to sail there, what challenges have to be overcome, what equipment is needed, where to go and what to see.

This Cruising Guide also draws on the previous editions; the timeless Introduction to the 1st edition (1987) written by the late Canon Roslyn Aish who had cruised the coast over many years is reproduced verbatim.

Members visiting Norway this summer are asked to send any updating information to the Baltic Section at who will liaise with the author.

Copies can be downloaded free of charge by CA members by clicking here or printed and bound copies may be purchased.