Waves, Wheels & Sparks with Jeremy Batch

Sailing into the Electronic Age, another Illustrated Talk by this lively presenter who will take us on a journey from Ancient Egypt via: magnets, compasses, batteries and dynamos; electric motors, electric telegraphs and electric fish; arc lights, light bulbs, lighthouses and lightning; a fight at the Royal Institution; Davy, Faraday, Marconi, Edison, Tesla, and Watson-Watt; radio, radar, Decca, Loran, Transit and Polaris.

Hear how a children's toy known to the Ancient Egyptians has steered ships, missiles, submarines and spacecraft, enabled us to drive cars on the moon without satnav or compass (but with a little help from the Vikings) and is miniaturised inside your phone and beneath the wings of a fruit fly.

Covid 19: Holding our Winter Talks will be dependent upon the rules governing this type of gathering; we will keep you informed.

Date: Saturday 31st October 2020

Time: Doors and Bar open at 18:00; Meal if booked, sit down at 18:45; Lecture at 20:00.

Venue: Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Woolverstone, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 1AT, free parking in the Club car park.

Bookings and Payment: Closed at present.