Greek Government revises Maritime Laws for non-EU vessels following Cruising Association's successful lobbying efforts

After extensive lobbying by the Cruising Association, on 24 May 2024 the Greek government has changed the laws governing vessels with a third country (non-EU Flag). Representatives of the CA have been in communication with the European Commission, lobbied Ministers in the Greek government and had assistance from the British Embassy in Athens.

Although these vessels will still have to get a Transit Log on arrival in Greece by applying to customs on arrival, with those that can demonstrate the status of Union Goods (i.e. EU Vat paid) being given a log of Unlimited duration (UTL), the requirement to check into and out of every controlled port has now been removed for those with a UTL.

Vessels that are not Union Goods will be given a limited Transit Log for 18 months and will still be required to check in and out as before.

This change is very significant and the CA is grateful for the prompt action of the Minister for Shipping and Islands Policy for recognising the need for this change and taking action.

Such a change would have been unlikely without the lobbying of a significant representative organisation and reinforces the benefits of CA membership.

28 May 2024


Image: ©Brian Dandridge