Greek Cruising Tax - Latest News November 2017

An amended bill to the Greek circulation tax is likely to become law following discussions between the Greek Marina Association and parliament, reports the Cruising Association. This could mean that boat owners will only be charged when they leave port but nothing is certain yet.

Two years ago the government introduced a new tax which caused many boat owners to leave Greek waters. That tax to date has not yet been implemented and discussions have been ongoing to firstly reduce the tax and secondly make it fairer for all boat owners.

Chris Robb, a member of the CA who has been campaigning on behalf of all those cruising in Greece, said: ‘During the summer the Bill went back to Parliament with a new charge rate of €10 per meter above 12 meters, raised from €8, despite the iniquity of a huge jump in cost from 11.99 to 12.00.

‘That was rejected and the new price coming before the parliament at the moment is back to the €8 per meter. We will continue to raise our voices in complaint that it is too expensive.

‘The single concession to the law, which has been driven by the Greek Marina Association, is that the tax will only apply when cruising - ie when you leave your port. We haven't seen the new definition yet as it was only conceded yesterday. We believe it may benefit bigger leisure boats, more than cruising sailors.’ (Nov 15)

Robb continued: ‘My personal opinion is that the rates are too high above 12 meters, with a 12m boat paying €3.00 per day. In relation to the Croatian Sojourn tax announced last month - they seem to be level pegging.

‘I think we are going to have to shout very loud this time to be heard.’

A reminder of the new rates in Greece:

Length Meters Monthly
Charge €
6 months 12 months less
discount *
discount Annual
7 to 8 16 96 192 10% 19 173
8 to 10 25 150 300 10% 30 270
10 to 12 33 198 396 10% 40 356
12.01 96 576 1153 10% 115 1038
13 104 624 1248 10% 125 1123
14 112 672 1344 10% 134 1210
15 120 720 1440 10% 144 1296

* Discount only available if taken out in Jan 1 for the year.

The law will be passed back to the Shipping Ministry for implementation and this is the point where we will have to make sure the ruling is easy for us to comply with.