Medicane Zorbas

In the original forecast Medicane Zorbas, the Mediterranean hurricane-like storm that hit Greece and Turkey was shown moving west but it actually went North-West and wreaked havoc in its path.

The Cruising Association's Mednet (an online Forum for members) was busy as a number of affected members posted in situ news and this in turn helped others make decisions about their safety, and that of their boats.

This video (sharing permission granted) was shot by a Cruising Association member, Ian Brearley, who was in Skopelos main harbour, Sporades, with his wife Sally on board their yacht Seraphina. He reports that their boat was safe although she suffered some limited ingress of seawater through the engine fan exhaust and a fitting that loosened caused electrical problems.


Their stormy experience lasted for about a week or more with strong winds prior to the Medicane then rain and wind afterwards.

Ian’s CA Forum post, dated 1st October, read as follows:

We were in Skopelos main harbour for last week and are still here. It was windy most of the week (Tuesday onwards), Force 6-7 gusting 8+ at times mostly from NE then as it died wind turned NW. However, at one stage Saturday night it went E for a short period. Wind finally dropped last last night. Rain stopped this morning, Monday, finally after 4 days.

Whilst the boats were secured to the North quay the surge made it very uncomfortable and difficult to get on or off. Most crew, ourselves included decamped to apartments!

Further discomfort and danger came from seas breaking over the harbour wall.

All boats weathered the storm safely with little or no damage.

Meanwhile, Ian apologises for his finger being in shot to start with but he had great difficulties standing and seeing through his glasses. A day or so later he was knocked off his feet by 30 cm of green water flowing on the quay!