Crewing Service Meeting

Want to build your hours or just enjoy cruising to different places on different boats?

Or, are you a skipper looking for extra crew?

Then a CA Crewing Service meeting is the place to be. Not only can you meet crew and skippers alike but you can also enjoy a drink and a meal while talking about your favourite hobby – boating.

Before you commit to sharing a boat with someone you’ve never met before, enjoy a Crewing Service evening at CA House to meet, plan, listen to other people’s experiences and take the next step to cruising further.

For crew, you can join in local weekend sailing, passage making or long-term cruising - from UK waters to the Baltic, coast of Western Europe, inland waterways, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and beyond.

For skippers seeking crew, you can choose from those new to sailing who wish to gain experience and build sea miles, to those who have sailed most of their lives, perhaps having owned their own boat in the past, and wish to continue cruising.

Date: 7th December

Venue: CA House

CS meetings start at 1900 but the bar and restaurant are open from 1800 so come along, enjoy talking about boats over a pint or glass of wine and find the skipper or crew to suit your cruising plans.  No need to book, just turn up.  If you need more information, please email