A talk by Duncan Wells: Stress Free Sailing, part two.

Duncan Wells is the principal of Westview Sailing School, a features writer in the sailing press, and the author of several books which score four and a half or five stars on Amazon. I've only got one of them, but I'd score that one highly as well. Three, four years ago - well in distant pre-Covid times - Duncan gave us a very popular talk, "Stress Free Sailing." Since then, Duncan has written a couple of more books, and this talk will be a follow-on from the first, incorporating some of the ideas in his recent books. At the moment (end of August) -  this talk and others for the Wessex Section's winter talks programme are currently tentative, but we do plan to resume if infection rates allow.

Date:  Tuesday 19 October 2021

Time: 19:30

Place: Lilliput Sailing Club, Poole