A Teenagers' Cruise Around Britain by Issy Taylor-Jones, Simon Brown and Peter Russell

The summer of 2020 did not seem like a year to have wild adventures, it was a year of staycations and Covid claps, Captain Tom and his hundred laps.

Wrabness picnics, and weekends in Walton had been a highlight of most school summers for the three of us. But with Issy finishing her A-levels, and Pete and Simon on a year off, there seemed like no better opportunity to grow our sailing experience and build up some cruising miles. A major overhaul and refit completed, we sailed our tiny twenty-two-foot yacht around the UK, including a four-day non-stop passage up the Irish Sea.

No one expected it to be easy, but the early stages of the trip seemed overly plagued with bad weather, and broken kit. With the rough must come the smooth (quite literally!), and none of us forget neon glowing dolphins, jaw dropping Scottish scenery and lazy days lounging in the summer sun with good books and good company.

What:  A Teenagers' Cruise Around Britain by Issy Taylor-Jones, Simon Brown and Peter Russell. The talk, with or without a meal, at the RHYC.

When: Saturday 18th December 2021 - Doors open at 18:00, Dinner at 18:45, Talk at 20:00.

Where: At the Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Woolverstone, Ipswich, IP9 1AT,

Directions to the Royal Harwich Yacht Club - A PDF download with a map.

Lat and Long: N52⁰ 0.34’ E001⁰ 11.8’ ; National Grid Reference: TM 1952 3896 ; What.Three.Words location: lion.jumpy.chuckling

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Webinar:  Unfortunately, for the time being, these talks will not be available as Webinars.

Talk Organiser: Ian Feavers

Contact: Simon and Georgette Harrison, suffolk@theca.org.uk

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