Search the library catalogue and the yearbook

We're happy to announce several new features on MyCA.

The library catalogue has now been moved to our online database by Ivan Andrews and you can look up the catalogue by author title or category. You will find a link to the search page under "Search" on the left hand side and also under the new "Information Centre" link.

A particularly nice feature of integrating it with MyCA is that if there is a review of the book online, it will automatically be displayed along with the catalogue entry.

The contract for our previous online catalogue has been terminated though it will not be removed yet. But we would warn you that it is out of date and the new one is much better.

Another search members (only) can do is of member information from the yearbook. This can be searched by name, town or boat name. This also uses our online database to give the most up to date version and a link can also be found under Search.

This is an alternative way of finding a member on MyCA. Where there are several people with the same name, it's not always easy to see which is which and the yearbook entry has a link to the MyCA user entry where possible.

Chris Moss