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s/v Nereida

Several solo circumnavigations by Jeanne Socrates in 'Nereida' - three times through Southern Ocean

First was west-about through Tropics from west coast of Mexico back to Mexico (through Panama Canal), others were east-about, two around Cape Horn.

Last one solo, nonstop, unassisted - Guinness World Record for 'oldest female RTW nonstop unassisted'.

Daily blogs posted to website when underway.

Presently in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico, recuperating from bad fall on 28 Sept 2017, while 'Nereida' awaits my return to Victoria, B.C., Canada in May, ready to cruise the beautiful Gulf Islands etc of British Columbia.

Plan to start a new nonstop unassisted solo RTW early in October 2018 from Victoria Hbr.