Guide to the German Rhine

German Rhine Guide 2021

This is a 20-page, full colour A4 guide, written by CA members Dr Roger Edgar and Rob Thomas and edited by Gordon Knight. First published in 2018 and updated in 2020, it covers about 700 km of the river starting from the border close to the Swiss city of Basel downstream to Nijmegen just inside the Dutch border.

As well as a helpful introduction to the hazards and highlights of cruising this beautiful river, the guide includes a detailed list of mooring points, fuel stations, ports and harbours along the river and a list of useful websites and sources of commercially published information.

Members can download the Guide free. The downloadable guide includes links to all the moorings for which there are Cruising Reports currently available. Members viewing the Guide on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones are thus able to click directly through to individual Cruising Reports on the CA website – in addition, of course, to accessing them via the CAptain's Mate app.



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