Ocean Sailing with Paul Heiney, Joint event with RIN

Earlier this year the RCC Pilotage Foundation published ‘Ocean Sailing’ by Paul Heiney. His intention was to gather as much information as he could from people who had actually done it, rather than those who held strong views but had limited experience. He will share with you some of those experiences, and often some surprising conclusions about the craft of sailing oceans.

Paul took to ocean sailing later in his sailing career, but has since taken part in the singlehanded AZAB, the OSTAR, and more recently did an 18,000 mile voyage to Cape Horn, 11,000 miles on his own. His last cruise saw him spend two seasons in Iceland. He is a writer and broadcaster and columnist for Sailing Today. He is currently Commodore of the Royal Cruising Club, and a Younger Brother, Trinity House. His book, 'One Wild Song’ tells the story of his Cape Horn voyage.


Date: Wednesday 9 December 2020

Time: Please note an earlier start time of 1845 hrs

Place: Your own home (webinar broadcast)

Booking: This event is open to members, including Crewing Service members, only. You will need to login to see the details below.

This webinar will be run by the RIN and the link for booking is open on their website via the link below.