Fastnet '79 - A Lesson from the Past by Imre Vadasz

A first hand account of one man's fight to survive during the notorious 1979 Fastnet storm should be of interest to all who venture offshore, cruising or racing.

The 1979 Fastnet Race proved a milestone in offshore racing history. An unexpected storm caught a fleet of yachts in the Irish Sea, turning an amateur sporting event into a disaster. 24 boats were abandoned, 136 people had to be rescued and 15 sailors lost their life. The lessons learnt changed attitudes in the sport, leading to improvements of yacht design and safety equipment. New safety regulations were introduced. In the last 40 years there have been major advances in technology, navigation, communications and weather forecasting. Nevertheless, the forces of nature remain unchanged and those choosing to sail offshore can still face the challenges of the weather and the sea.

Date: Saturday 5th December 2020, at 19:30.

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