How the Anglo-Saxons crossed the North Sea by Paul Constantine

It is in the Longshed in Woodbridge that a team of dedicated volunteers and experts are working on the Sutton Hoo Replica Project. Paul Constantine, a researcher on Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian ships, will explain the evolution of Scandinavian craft and highlight the design features in historical context. As the person charged by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust to research and then assemble the team to construct the full-size replica, Paul will be able to share with us his up-to-date knowledge of the progress made so far on this ambitious project. A local sailor, he has been involved as editor and publisher of specialist sailing magazines and is the author of books on different aspects of sailing from Dinghy Cruising to Sailing Round Britain.

Covid 19: Holding our Winter Talks will be dependent upon the rules governing this type of gathering; we will keep you informed.

Date: Saturday 7th November 2020

Time: Doors and Bar open at 18:00; Meal, if booked, sit down at 18:45; Lecture at 20:00.

Venue: Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Woolverstone, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 1AT, free parking in the Club car park.

Bookings and Payment: Closed at present.